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Our members are a bit of a kinky lot, and every now and again we have one of them write in to us with a story about their most recent swinging adventures that they'd like us to put on the site - who are we to argue, they make great reading!

We received the story below from a couple who had been discussing swinging for a while, check out their story and see if it tempts you!!

My husband Phil and I had been talking about swinging for a while but it was only when we found out our best friends were swingers that things started to happen! Let me explain he was always saying we should give it a go and half of me thought ok why not, and the other half wasn't sure. It was always there in the back of my mind.

We invited our neighbours (also very good friends) to dinner one night last week. The conversation flowed freely, as did the drinks, and afterwards the four of us went into the lounge. I had noticed that Kwan had been staring at me most of the night. As the wine loosened our inhibitions, he was becoming more obvious. A glance at Phil reassured me that he was fine with this development. As a matter or fact, Phil seemed to be rather taken with Tia, Kwan's wife.

I usually don't go for Asian guys but there was something so exciting about the situation. Kwan refilled his glass and when he came back to the room, he sat right next to me, looking into my eyes with those dark chocolate eyes of his. The realization suddenly hit me that Phil had planned this. He seemed to be having a good time, deep in conversation with Tia, one hand on her tanned thigh. It didn't bother me at all. I was having my own fun!

Kwan leaned closer to me and it seemed to be in slow motion. His lips connected with mine and I could feel something like electricity! His hand brushed against my breasts before reaching up to my shoulder and easing down the strap of my dress. I wasn't wearing a bra. The excitement of being with someone totally new while my husband was watching was something else! I knew he was enjoying himself so I let Kwan touch me. He brought his soft lips down to my breasts and made me gasp taking my nipples in his mouth. I was so turned on, you wouldn't believe.

Kwan took my dress off dexterously and I felt brazen, unzipping his jeans with one hand whilst cradling his neck with the other. I finally got his cock in my hand and my god, was it hard! I brought my lips down to meet his silky hardness and began to suck gently.

I looked over to Phil and Tia and they were all over each other. This made me so horny for some reason. I was enjoying something so illicit and Phil was doing the same.

Kwan removed the rest of my clothing with ease and I felt his hard cock start to pound into me, his warm tongue in my mouth and his hands expertly fondling my breasts. It was so exciting and so new! After about two minutes I came so hard, as did Kwan, groaning as he did so, his hot cum squirting deep into me.

This was my induction into the world of swinging anyway. Inviting the neighbours to dinner turned out to be the best thing I have ever done!

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