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Free swingers chat rooms

The free swingers chatrooms are an integral part of your membership and allow you to make conversation with who ever is online what ever time of the day or night. Infact, the later it gets the busier the chatrooms typically are!

See who you're talking to online!
In any of our Asian chat rooms you can take a look at the swingers profiles of any of the users prior to starting a conversation. This allows you to see if the person that has caught your eye fits in with what you're looking for. On the switch side it also allows you to see if you match their search criteria, if you don't, simply move on to the next person until you find someone that is looking for the same things as you or what you're offering.

The streaming video chat room
This is a feature of the premium membership option and as such you will generally find that the people in here are more genuine than those that simply choose to use the standard chat facilities. The video chatroom also gives you the ability to watch the other users web cam feeds as their talking to you, allowing you to see instantly that they are what they say they are, this takes away the age old problem of single Asian males pretending to be Asian females or couples.

Moderated rooms and chat room etiquette
As a whole we have very few rules surrounding the use of the site or the chat rooms, however there are a few in place for both the text chat and video chat rooms.

  • Ask before you private message other users
  • Don't post links to other websites or email addresses in the room
  • Be polite to other users
  • Don't allow children to appear on your webcam
  • Don't continually use bold text or capital letters

These are in place to ensure an enjoyable time is had by all, failure to adhere to the few rules in place will lead to you being removed from both rooms and possibly banned from the site depending on what the rule broken was.

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