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If you're looking for a swingers club in the UK dedicated to Asian swingers, then I'm afraid you'll be out of luck! Obviously there are a number of online clubs such as this one, but if you actually want to go along to a sex club for an evening of fun then you'll find that there is nothing in the UK at the moment!

UK swingers clubs are Asian friendly!
The one bonus that you do have however is that Asian swingers are welcomed at all the swingers clubs and sex clubs we've ever visited. It seems that the vast majority of swingers attending these clubs actually enjoy having oriental swingers cumming along to join in the fun, and as such we've never had a quiet night at one of these venues.

How do I find a sex club near me?
Well, that's actually very easy! Most of the swingers clubs and swinger friendly sex clubs in the UK can be found on a number of review sites that list all the clubs they are aware of and invite attendee's to place their reviews and thoughts on the clubs in question to help other find a good club local to them. Due to this we've decided not to try and replicate the information again, but rather refer you to what we consider to be one of the best sites of this type. We've found that the 'swingers clubs guide' is probably the most comprehensive and holds a lot of information on swingers sex clubs up and down the country.

First time at a club?
For many Asian swingers, visiting a sex club can be quite daunting, but if you follow some very basics guidelines you'll find that your evening will go smoothly and that all your concerns were unfounded.

  • On arrival ask a member of staff to show you around, this allows you to get accustomed to the venue before being let off to roam on your own.
  • Know your boundaries - If you're attending a club as a couple, make sure you have discussed your limits and ensure you don't cross them
  • Get chatting - Just because you're talking to other people at a sex club doesn't mean they will expect you to have sex with them, so relax and talk to other members of the club, they will be able to help you with any questions you may have and give you advice on your first time.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself, after all you're having an evening out and everyone around you is there for the same reason, so don't feel uncomfortable as you'll be surrounded by people of all ages, shapes, size and race.

Tell us about your experiences
Had a great time, want to let others know? Then tell us the sex stories about your experiences at your local swingers sex club and we'll either publish them here (names not required) or pass them on to the clubs guide so they can publish it. Reviews like yours help other Asian swingers find a club that is right for them, so we welcome your information.

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